On Shilling and Shitcoins

Three days ago, I purchased a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, mostly for my own entertainment. Two days later, 22.000 people have visited this website and besides the need to include some javascript miner to make some cash with this project (/s) I mostly feel the need to clarify some other things:

1. Already some people are accusing me of shilling for IOTA, Ripple and other coins because these values are NOT on the list. If there ever was a perfect sign that we are in the middle of at least a mild hysteria, the fact that people suspect I shill for coins by not including them on a Shitlist is...indicative. So to clear things up, I couldnt care less about any particular currency.

2. Many people have pointed out that - in fact - some coins in the list are not shitcoins. The reason for this is very simple, this project was never meant to be 100% serious, so I didnt feel like putting in more hours than I already did. I thought the "not-100%-serious"-part would go without saying, but here I am. One thing, though, the 850$ are actually invested.

3. I know, I know there is not enough real shit in the portfolio. I would love to include stuff that doesnt even has a whitepaper (everybody knows that's where the real money is) but there would be no way to track the value as it's not listed anywhere.