50 percent loss of value update

Only four days after starting this experiment I can already report a loss of over half the portfolio value. Now my portfolio is valued at 409.76$, which equals a loss of 51.99%.

The five coins that held their value best are:

Gas [-29.29%]

Ethereum Classic [-39.48%]

Monero [-40.51%]

Litecoin [-41.84%]

Ardor [-41.98%]

The five coins the performed the worst are:

Vericoin [-64.76%]

Riecoin [-62.24%]

Bitshares [-61.82%]

Huntercoin [-60.95%]

Pascal Coin [-60.21%]

The one thing we can maybe learn from this? The couple of serious, well-known projects in my portfolio are seemingly performing better than the actual shitcoins. It’s definitely going to be interesting how these coins behave when the market recovers. Obviously the smartest thing to do right now would be to buy into the coins that dipped the most, as they are also the mostly likely the ones to go up above the average, once the market recovers. (/s)