Day 7 [-23.69%] [651.59$]

Current Portfolio Value: 651.59$

Total Loss: 23.69%

It has only been a week since I started this blog? Wow, if someone had asked me how much time has passed since I started, I would have easily estimated 2+ weeks. So much has happened within the last days, the portfolio went from 837$ to 417$ and back up to 650$. Bitconnect has in the meanwhile shut down as a result, pulling millions with it into the abyss.

Within the last 24 hours STEEM Dollars were the largest gainer with +24.28%, closely followed by Monero with +18.34%.

The largest losses came from Bitcoin Dark (I REALLY need to look up what this is supposed to do better then BTC) [-9.89%] and Pascal Coin [-7.57].

Here is an incomplete list with what is currently left of my initial 12.70$ investment into each coin:

Steem Dollars [13.55$]
Gas [13.35$]
Monero [12.40$]
Ethereum Classic [11.63$]
Dash [10.76$]
Bitcoin Dark [9.57$]
Burst [7.85$]
Riecoin [7.40$]

Later today, I am going to start with analyzing the coins in my portfolio and categorizing them into different levels of shittynes.