Day 11 [-35.46%] [550.87$]

Current Portfolio Value: 550.87$

Total Loss: 35.46%

Sorry for the long time without an update, but I had some crazy amount of work to finish. I mean, besides another bull trap and most coins dropping to 50% their original value, pretty much nothing has happened anyways, right? I helped some friends of mine into crypto recently and honestly, I dont think they could have had a better start. Most people (including myself the first couple times I bought crypto in 2013) overestimate how much money they actually want (and can afford to...) lose. After a ride like this, you know exactly where your comfort zone ends and where the *franatically-checking-phone-every-30s*-zone starts. 

But anyways, here's the short rundown of my portfolio.

Overall, STEEM Dollars have yielded me a profit of 1.91% since the start of this project almost two weeks ago. It's also the only coin that made any profit in my portfolio at all - but hey, it could be worse. The second-best performin coin was Steem (not that surprising if you think about it...) but at a hefty minus of 13.88%.

Just a sidenote here - if I had bought into Bitcoin at the beginning of this project, I would have only lost 0.45% of my original portfolio value. Hätte, hätte, Blockchainkette, as we Germans use to say.

Dead last are both Riecoin and Pascal Coin with a minus of over 55% respectively.

The only good things about this market? It's definitely not getting boring and we are all in this together.