Day 33 [-50.88%] [419.30$]

Current Portfolio Value: 419.30$

Total Loss: 50.88%

Sorry it took so long since the last update but t'was carnival season in Germany and I had some Beercoin to spend. Anyways, things are lighting up and the portfolio is almost back up over the 50% mark. Over the last week there were several incidents in the cryptoworld which overall influenced the portfolios' worth by a surprisingly small margin. The BitGrail exchange pretty much went bancrupt,  but as I don't hold any Nano or BTC, the impact was marginal. There also was a very positive senate hearing in the U.S. about cryptocurrencies but again - nothing too special. Overall there seems to be a small but steady positive trend - let's see where this goes.

My biggest gainer overall was Lisk (LSK), my worst performing asset is NeosCoin. Lisk went up 3.42% since the beginning and is the only coin in the green, Neoscoin has lost 72.16%.

On a sidenote, today I overheard some pensioners talk about Bitcoin at a bakery. They didn't know much about its technical nature but were certainly interested in the reasons for the strong increases and decreases in value within days. When I asked them whether they would invest or not, their opinions differed quite a bit. One had lost a considerable chunk of money in the dotcom bubble and swore to never touch anything internet related on the stock market again. Some just didn't consider investing in stocks or crypto at all. And a single elderly man said he thought it was certainly interesting but he would wait until it got more mainstream and he could understand the concept. What to take from that conversation? I honestly don't know, but it's certainly fascinating that even pensioners are taking interest.

(I'll write about the RaiBlocks Classic ICO and some of the responses I got from exchanges later today.)