To create, push and sell a shitcoin in 5 easy steps. [Step 2 - The ICO]

Almost 100 people have signed up for the ICO so far and it is time to airdrop the funds! I had some slight difficulties with the drop, but most people should have gotten their funds so far - you can check the transactions here, or you can - well - simply check your wallet.

I paid around 5$ for all the transactions, on average 5cts/tx.

So, the next step is getting the token listed on an exchange - and it is! Go buy some one EtherDelta!

The easiest way to get a token "up" and trading is getting it listed on EtherDelta. It's a decentralized exchange that let's you buy and sell any token without a listing fee.

I reached out to various non-decentralized exchanges and usually their listing fees vary from 9000$ up to 80.000$. Even the cheapest exchanges have fees of at least 1 BTC to get listed. For a classic ICO that is not much - for this project it is. Now we only have to get the price on EtherDelta high enough to finance that...beeing optimistic was never a problem for me I guess. 

If you are in on the fun an can spare 5$ (hey, I could...) get on EtherDelta and buy and trade some RaiBlocks Classic. Once we have a bit of trading going on, we can pump the price together to get into the coinmarketcap largest gainers list - and from there obviously to the moon.

If you didn't recieve any XRBC although you signed up, just leave a comment below this post and I am going to resend the funds.