Day 40 [-54.47%] [388.58$] - Bitcoin, god damnit.

Leave your safe haven
deceived by a shiny coin
invest invest now

Current Portfolio Value: 388.58$

Total Loss: 54.47%

Another week, another dollar (lost). 40 days have passed since I started and my portfolio. On pretty much exactly half these days the portfolios value was less then 50% of its original value and I was in the green for exactly one out of these 40 days - the first day. If friends or colleagues ask you about crypto, just show them this blog - if they can stomach these kind of losses, they should do fine.

One thing I just have to talk about is Bitcoin. On January 13th (the day I started this blog), Bitcoin was trading for around 13,800$. This morning, it was at 11500$. If I had put the original 837$ in Bitcoin (instead of spreading it over 66 different currencies), I would now have 697,50$ - instead of 388.58$. Obviously many altcoins depend on Bitcoin as the main trading pair - but it's extremly interesting to see that even over 40 days BTC vastly outperforms a portfolio that is spread as far as mine. On the other hand, there is a very similiar blog to mine (in theory...) called This person started his experiment on December 7th and bought 100 different coins. On december 7th, Bitcoin opened at - 13500$. But while I am posting more then 50% losses, he is rocking a profit of 117%. (If you have a "friend" or coworker you hate, just tell him about that blog.) I guess its not much news to any seasoned investor, but BTC is "solid as a rock" (in the crypto sense) both ways.

Biggest Gainers:

1.Ethereum Classic [-6.92%]

2.Litecoin [-13.59%]

3.Lisk [-20.96%]

4.Syscoin [-25.52%]

5.Monero [-26.20%]

Biggest Losers:

62. Ardor [-76.03%]

63. BitMark [-75.38%]

64. NeosCoin [-73.31%]

65. LBRY Credits [72.40%]

66.Pascal Coin [72.13%

Just looking at the 1y-charts (and disregarding the tech) for Ethereum Classic and Syscoin, both seemvery interesting. What are the coins you are eyeing?