RaiBlocks Classic Trading - Important Update regarding EtherDelta

I had a pretty busy week - the downside of adulting. So I missed one very crucial detail when I launched RaiBlocks Classic last week - EtherDelta is a mess and not working correctly at all. I thought it was just a temporary problem but it is very likely due to them changing ownership rather recently and seems to have been going on for quite a while.

So, per suggestion, please use ForkDelta for trading XRBC. It works just as intended and there are already some transactions going on.

If you are unsure about using ForkDelta, please read this tutorial. I recommend using the MetaMask Wallet for easy trading, but do just as you please.

I am putting in another 30$ to get some trading going on the exchange - if you have not used EtherDelta/ForkDelta so far and want to learn a bit about using decentralized exchanges, MetaMask and dApps, I highly recommend spending a dollar or two while playing with it - but again, this is all purely for fun.