Day 23 [-66.39%] [286.91$]

Current Portfolio Value: 286.91$

Total Loss: 66.39%

That's what I call a dip. I started out with 837$, of which now pretty much exactly one third is left.

The coins that kept their value best are:

Gas [-46.75%]
Lisk [-47.12%]
Litecoin [-49.23%]
Steem [-49.33%]
Ethereum [-49.85%]
Decred [-51.58%]
Stellar [-52.56%]
Ethereum Classic [-56.23%]
Monero [-57.33%]
Zcash [-59.15%]

The coins that lost the most value are:

Ardor [-79.77%]
Bitcrystals [-79.20%]
NeosCoin [-78.23%]
LBRY [-76.60%]
Burst [-76.39%]
Pascal Coin [-76.37%]
BitcoinDark [-76.36%]
FlorinCoin [-76.23%]
Riecoin [-75.95%]
BlackCoin [-75.81%]

Regarding all the people getting cold feet now - I followed the golden rule and only invested what I was willing to lose and now that simply pays off. If you think about pulling out now, please re-evaluate the amount of money you originally invested.

Crypto is still a gamble in a gigantic casino where every game is rigged, all pockets have potential holes and the feds might raid the place anytime.

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